I, __________________________________________________, have of my own will, applied to represent the state/region of ________________________________ in America's Miss Pageants __Baby ___ Tot __Tiny Miss  __Little Miss  __Pre-Teen  __Jr. Teen __Teen  __Miss __Man __Ms.  __Mrs. __Classic division (as determined by my age as of November 1, 2021), and upon receiving/winning my state/regional title, I hereby agree to all rules, regulations, and standards outlined within this agreement, as I commit to represent my state/country/region in the 2021 America's Miss National Finals.

BY INITIALING THE FOLLOWING POINTS, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND MY OBLIGATIONS AND THE RULES OF THIS AGREEMENT Contestant (age 18 or older) or Parent/Guardian MUST initial page, each guideline, and sign the agreement.

1.        I understand that my state pageant is independently produced by the state pageant director and that America's Miss, L.L.C.. and the National Director are in no way responsible for fees paid/sent to the state director, or prizes, awards, and gifts promised by the state director.   Initial here  ________

2.        I understand that if I withdraw from the National Finals for any reason, I will not receive a refund for any fees paid to America's Miss, L.L.C.. nor will I receive a credit to the 2022 National Finals or any future pageant finals. I understand that all fees paid to America's Miss, L.L.C.. are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE (other than exceptions made under paragraph 3) in full or in part under any circumstances. Non-refundable fees include, but are not limited to, entry fees, advertising fees, pageant admission tickets, guest meal fees, and any other fees paid to America's Miss, L.L.C.. by anyone including, but not limited to, contestants, sponsors, and advertisers. Initial here  _______

3.        Should travel be prohibited, by official government orders, to and from the location of the 2021 America's Miss National Finals, I understand and agree that I will receive a credit to the 2022 America's Miss National Finals and will sign an updated contestant agreement. Initial here  _______

4.        I understand that the purpose of receiving an America's Miss Miss State or Regional title is to represent my state or region at the 2021 National Finals. I understand and agree that If I am unable to compete at the America's Miss National Finals for any reason, that I will return the crown and sash in the condition in which it was received. I understand that if the crown and sash are not available to be returned in the condition in which it was received, I agree to pay replacement costs of $149 within ten business days. Initial here  ________

5.        By accepting a state title, I understand that I must get written permission before participating in any pageants and will only participate if permission is granted. Furthermore, I agree that I will not participate in any other pageants and/or programs which will inhibit my ability to participate at the 2021 National Finals, complete my reign and return to crown my successor if applicable OR any other national/international level pageants whatsoever, without permission, before the 2021 National Finals.  I understand that I will not receive permission to participate in another national/international level pageant before the 2021 National Finals unless I have paid the $295 National Package Fees in full.  Should I/the contestant win the approved pageant or decide to no longer compete in the 2021 National Finals, I understand and agree to forfeit all fees paid to America's Miss, L.L.C.  I understand that fees paid will not transfer to the 2022 National Finals or future pageants. Initial here  ________

6.        I agree that at no time shall I wear or be photographed in any crown that is not designated as the official crown of America's Miss, L.L.C. with my Official America's Miss title sash. Likewise, I agree that at no time shall I wear or be photographed in any sash that is not designated as the official sash of America's Miss, L.L.C. with my Official America's Miss Crown. As an America's Miss State Queen, I am required to serve my title for the duration of the pageant season, which is extended to December 9, 2021, for appointed titleholders, or the final date of my state pageant for titleholders that win their state pageants. Should I resign my title for any reason, I agree to sit out of any and all America's Miss events until I am eligible to compete again or until the next pageant season, whichever comes first. Initial here  ________

7.        I understand that I may not alter my sash in any way, including but not limited to adding rhinestone banding or my name to the back of the sash unless approved by the National Office. I understand that if this rule is broken, I must replace my sash at my own expense. Initial here  ________

8.        I understand that I am responsible for paying the National Pageant Fee within 90 days of being awarded the state/regional title. I understand that the National Pageant fee must be paid in full before I/my child is allowed to compete in the National Finals and/or awarded a National title. Payment plans are available through the National Office and must receive approval in advance.  Initial here  ________

9.        I understand that if I do not submit my/my daughter's ad page for the International Program Book by October 31, 2021, the ad will not be printed, and I am still responsible for paying the full National Pageant Fee.  Initial here: __________

10.      I understand that if I have not made my/my daughter's National Pageant payment before the program book goes to printing, my/my daughter's ad will be pulled from the program book, and I am still responsible for paying the full National Pageant Fee.  Initial here: _________

11.      I understand that replacement program book photos and ads are requests and are not guaranteed. Initial here: ______

12.      TEEN DIVISION & BELOW: I understand that the entrant must compete in the correct age division and must not be married or never have been married or have had a marriage annulled. Contestants cannot be pregnant or must never have given birth to a child. Age divisions are determined by November 1, 2021. Contestants may move up to the next division should their birth date falls between January 1 – November 30, 2021. Initial here  ________

13.      I understand that America's Miss, L.L.C. may change the date and/or location of the National Finals as deemed necessary. Initial here  ________

14.      I agree to forever hold America's Miss, L.L.C., its directors, employees, volunteers, and staff members harmless of any and all claims and damages or liabilities due to theft, accident, loss, illness, or injury during or resulting from my child/my participation in the 2021 America's Miss National Finals or any America's Miss State/Regional Programs or activity/event. Initial here  ________

15.      I give permission to America's Miss, L.C.C.. to forever use my/the entrant's photographs, speeches, testimonials, videos, etc. for publicity purposes and future material without compensation. Initial here  ________

16.      I understand that all optional competition cash awards are based on a minimum of 10 contestants per division entering each optional event and that the optional competition cash award may vary from age division to age division. I also understand that America's Miss L.L.C. is not responsible for any prizes or awards that are forfeited by sponsors.  Initial here  ________

17.      I understand that there is a $35 charge for NSF Checks and that all unpaid NSF Checks will be reported to the County District Attorney's Office. Initial here  ________

As the parent (legal guardian) of the ________________________________________, I do hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations, directives and provisions for contestants as set forth by the America's Miss L.L.C. I represent and acknowledge that I have read this agreement regarding my obligations with respect to participation at the National Finals Program, non-refund of fees, permission to compete in other pageants, the return of crowns and sashes, and conflict of interests. Failure to sign this agreement does not waive the delegate's agreement to the rules as deemed by America's Miss L.L.C.  



Printed Name (Parent/Guardian if under 18)

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