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Meet Pop....

Pop was with us for nearly 92 years.  He loved nothing more than chatting with delegates and their families at his nearly famous "Pop's Raffle World" tables which were started over 12 years ago as the first fundraiser for the St. Vincent's Center for abused kids and teens.  You can find Pop's Raffle World and other fundraisers at America's Miss, America's Talented Miss, NYFW 2.0 and more!


It's a family thing....

Pop's World was a vision inspired by giving back created by our family and some dear friends who may as well be family.  Family is the center of everything we do, and our efforts are truly a "family thing".  Helping others as if they were our own family.  That is the heart and soul of Pop's World.


A history of giving....


 Pop’s World was created to officially continue community service that has been ongoing for the last 12+ years.  It was also formed to honor Charles Kennerly, who most lovingly refer to as Pop.  Over the years Pop has not only supported pageant and talent competitions as a way to mentor girls, women and men of all ages, but he has specifically focused on helping to raise funds for those in need.  Over the years our efforts have provided Christmas presents and much needed winter clothing and supplies to the children and teens housed in the St. Vincent’s Center for abused kids, given cash donations to families in need due to the death of a child, and provided assistance to those who have faced catastrophic tragedies or loss that occurred and dramatically affected families thus creating severe financial hardship.  The goal of Pop's World is to take these efforts to an even bigger and better place.  We want to be able to help families in true financial need  and offer a way to mentor men, women and girls through pageant and talent competitions.  We feel very strongly that there is so much good that can be done for the delegates and for the world through pageantry.  The entire family is involved with these efforts as well as some very dedicated friends who have become true family and will be serving on our board of directors. The organization's purpose is to provide pageant and talent competition opportunities for girls and women, and men of all ages without prejudice with the expectation that all contestants will have an existing platform of giving back to their communities or who are willing to learn and adopt one of their own or an existing platform as provided by our organization.