The judges will represent a diverse range of occupations. Judges could be actors, models, casting

agents, journalists, former titleholders, pageant professionals, doctors, lawyers, entertainers,

entrepreneurs, counselors, fashion designers, hair and make-up professionals, fitness trainers, and

even stay-at-home moms. The common bond they all share is that they are successful in their own

right and they understand the importance of good communication skills, self-discipline & public image.



A warm, genuine, compassionate personality. World awareness and the desire to make a difference. A confident, self-assured individual who is comfortable with his or herself and his/her surroundings. An intelligent and articulate

young woman/young man who can serve as a good role model for his/her peers. A leader, a winner and a potential

America's Miss™ National titleholder. The judges are not looking for the best contestant in one area of competition, but rather an individual who is an overall strong candidate for the title.

THE COMPETITION - Jr. & Sr. Divisions 

The America's Miss™ competition is one of the most respected competitions in the United States. 
The organizers are noted for emphasizing the importance of charity work as a main focus of the organization and part of the vision for both state level and national finals. During his/her reign, America's Miss™ will promote the America's Miss’s ‘Pop's World’ Organization founded by Trish Farr to give back a memorialize her dear Father known as Pop.  Pop's World aims to help a variety of individuals and charities around the world. 

Along with taking part in the traditional pageant, America's Miss™  contestants are invited to arrange sponsored gifts to be donated to needy individuals/organizations like the St. Vincent's Center for abused kids and teens.  Pop's World will determine which individuals or organizations will receive donated items.



All delegates be required to choose a platform. This platform will be the basis of their community involvement during their year as titleholders. Platforms vary widely and can be an organization, and idea or a movement. The choices are endless and should be chosen based on the candidates passions and experience.

The National Platform of America's Miss is Pop's World. Pop’s World was created to officially continue community service that has been ongoing for the last 12+ years.  It was also formed to honor Charles Kennerly, who most lovingly refer to as Pop.  Over the years Pop has not only supported pageant and talent competitions as a way to mentor girls, women and men of all ages, but he has specifically focused on helping to raise funds for those in need.  Over the years our efforts have provided Christmas presents and much needed winter clothing and supplies to the children and teens housed in the St. Vincent’s Center for abused kids and teens, given cash donations to families in need due to the death of a child, and provided assistance to those who have faced catastrophic tragedies or loss that occurred and dramatically affected families thus creating severe financial hardship.  The goal of Pop's World is to take these efforts to an even bigger and better place.  We want to be able to help families in true financial need and offer a way to mentor men, women and girls through pageant and talent competitions.  We feel very strongly that there is so much good that can be done for the delegates and for the world through pageantry.  The entire family is involved with these efforts as well as some very dedicated friends who have become true family and will be serving on our board of directors. The organization's purpose is to provide pageant and talent competition opportunities for girls and women, and men of all ages without prejudice with the expectation that all contestants will have an existing platform of giving back to their communities or who are willing to learn and adopt one of their own or an existing platform as provided by our organization. 



  • a description of their project and achievements in a text form

  • a video including 1-minute statement from the contestant work that they have achieved for the charity

  • photos of the work that they have achieved for the charity

All submissions will be reviewed by the judges prior to the final event



Some contestants consider the interview portion to be “scary".

However, nothing could be farther from the truth! The judges are chosen because they are

personable, qualified and eager to make you feel at ease. They use the interview to learn about YOU!

The purpose of the Private Panel Interview is to place the contestant in a situation answering different

types of questions and judging how he/she will react to their diversity. Most topics will be taken from your

Biography Form, but they also may ask other questions regarding your education, goals, family,

special training, hobbies, occupation, travel, community pride and opinions. The context of the

answer is important, but more important is how the contestant conveys that answer. Eye contact with

all the judges is very important, not just the judge who has asked the question. The contestant should

answer the judges’ questions and not get involved in getting the opinion of the judge. The

contestant is judged on the presentation of thoughts. The contestant should look comfortable in

properly fitted attire, but not to the point of sloppiness. During the private interview, the judges will be

looking for an articulate, compassionate, and genuine individual who will make a good representative

of the competition, competition sponsors, and title. They will not be looking for rehearsed answers.

Remember, one question cannot win or lose the pageant, so relax.


All contestants must have a full-length evening gown for competition. Teens and younger are encouraged to wear gowns that reflect a more youthful style, while Miss and above contestants are encouraged to wear gowns that reflect a more sophisticated style. The style, design, and color is up to you.  It should fit and flatter the individual wearing it.  


Each delegate will participate in a competition that showcases each man/woman in physical fitness attire. It is designed to show that physical fitness is vital no matter your age, size or types of fitness activity.  The judges will get a glimpse into his/her daily routine and lifestyle. The contestant’s drive, energy, and presence are to be likewise considered.


One final on-stage question for the remaining top 5 will be conducted by the Emcee. They will then appear on stage for group judging and have a spotlighted “Final Look” when each judge will independently select their winner, 1st runner-up, and 2nd

runner-up. These events lead up to the crowning of the new America's Miss® titleholders! All contestants will participate on stage several times during the show. Even if they are not selected as Finalists, there will be several other honors to award that afternoon.


The optional winner in each age division will receive a cash prize* and a beautiful AMP award.

 A minimum of 10 entries per age division optional needed to award these titles and cash prizes per division.  If less than 10 entries in an age division, cash award may be reduced or eliminated.  All judging based on age appropriate ability!



$149 Entry Fee:  includes entry for the National SuperModel Title, SuperModel Fun Fashion AND LIVE Photogenic!  One price includes all 3 events!  You could win THREE optional event titles for just ONE entry fee.  If you have additional outfits that you would like to compete in, you may enter this event more than one time for the entry fee listed above.


Wouldn’t YOU want to be the NATIONAL SUPERMODEL?!? This competition combines the scores of your LIVE photo shoot and the SuperModel Fun Fashion competition into one amazing optional event.  To enter SuperModel, you must also enter SuperModel Fun Fashion and and will participate in the SuperModel Live photo shoot! 

FUN FASHION (may be entered separately or it is included with the National SuperModel competition)

$49.00 Entry Fee (Multiple entries allowed.  $49 per additional entry)

Contestants will walk the runway like a supermodel! Contestant may choose any modeling sequence or stage pattern they like as this is a modeling competition. 1 minute time limit. Let your inner “fashionista” shine!  Wear your favorite fashion | runway style outfit and bring along that model smile and prepare to rock the runway! Vibrant personality, a sense of personal style, and a great fresh face are what the judges are looking for.


$49.00 Entry Fee (Multiple entries allowed.  $25 per extra photo)

Show off your beautiful face!  Natural photogenic headshots may be B/W or color.  Accepted sizes: 5x7, 8x10 or 8.5x11. Photos may be snapshots or professional.  Turn in at registration. Age appropriate makeup is allowed.  Absolutely NO glitz photos.  Please place photos in sheet protectors and label the back of each photo with contestant name and age division. This must be done prior to registration – thank you!


$49.00 per entry (Multiple entries allowed.  $49 per additional entry)

A portfolio is a collection of your best pictures in a book or album.  Be creative!  Don’t duplicate outfits/photos.  The portfolio should be diverse.  Include headshots and modeling shots.  Black & White and/or color.

$49.00 - Talent may be any type of entertainment presentation as long as it does not create any danger or injury to either the contestant or anyone else. Contestants are responsible for securing their own musical instruments, including a piano as there is no guarantee that a piano will be made available for use. No animals or reptiles may be used in your talent presentation. You may not use fire of any kind, water, liquids including paint or glitter in your talent presentation. Talent presentations that contain nudity, racial slurs or excessively vulgar, obscene or insulting language should be avoided. All talent presentations must be pre-approved by nationals. The judges will consider the contents of talent presentations when scoring them. Talent presentation is limited to three (3) minutes in length. Music, must be submitted in advance. 


$49.00 Entry Fee (Multiple entries allowed.  $49 per additional entry)

One of our favorite optional events!! Contestants will deliver a speech on a topic/platform of their choice (1 1/2 minute time limit). 

What are you involved in?  What do you believe in? What are you passionate about?  Tell us!


See the national handbook for complete information.  You will be provided with the national handbook once your $50 non-refundable registration fee has been paid and your application has been approved by the national office.
*minimum of 10 contestants in an age division for optional cash award is required