Being creative comes naturally to this Washington DC native. As a singer, dancer, photographer, and filmmaker this daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother enjoys staying active. As a graduate of Fullsail University where she studied Cinematography with her son, Christina has had many opportunities to travel and work with many creative people.  Being a mentor to the youth is a passion and she has helped and inspired many young photographers and budding vloggers. Giving back is fulfilling in life whether at work or taking part in community projects.


Her entry into the world of pageants started with being a photographer.  She was then asked to judge and after interviews and learning how much contestants give back decided to give it a try on the stage herself.  She has held numerous titles both Internationally and nationally. The main focuses of her community work involve hidden disabilities, hunger, and mentoring.  As a pageant judge, contestant, title-holder, or backstage helper, this talented woman is determined to make the most of her life in front of and behind the camera.

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Christina Jones

America's Classic Miss